EXPERTS IN THE PROCESS OF REFINISHING, REPAIRING AND RESTORATION OF BATHTUBS, SHOWERPANS, TILE, SINKS & COUNTERTOPS Welcome to Surface Medics. We can Refinish Restore and Repair your bathtub, countertop, bath or kitchen sink, tile and grout. Thank you for stopping by our site. We began Refinishing Tubs in 1995 and have seen many changes in the industry during this time. While the techniques for refinishing tubs and countertops have basically remained the same, materials have improved greatly allowing for refinished fixtures to be a reasonable, cost effective alternative to replacement.

If you are looking for a Tub Refinisher/Restorer please contact us to discuss you needs. While the traditional method of refinishing tubs and sinks look great when done properly, its still has very toxic fumes, a high rate of peeling or chipping and your bathtub is out of service for at least 24 hours. We are very excited to offer what we believe to be the latest, best alternative “Miracle Glaze Restoration Method". We believe this process to be the ultimate solution to restoring the original shine to that dull, stained tub or sink. Our Miracle Glaze Restoration method will allow you to use you bathtub the same day. In most situations, your Bathtub can be returned to "like new" using our unique "Miracle Glaze restoration method". For those situations that require it, we still offer the best in high quality traditional refinishing. That dull, stained tub or lavatory can now be restored to "like new condition" in most cases without using harsh, smelly paints currently in use today. Our unique Miracle Glaze method is eco-friendly, convenient, odor free and produces a durable, like-new finish to Bathtubs and Sinks regardless of type with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY AGAINST PEELING ,NO LINGERING ODORS, NO WAITING FOR COATING TO DRY,NO RUNS OR DRIPS. For just a fraction of replacement costs, your home will look like you spent thousands of dollars on remodeling, all without breaking your budget! Surface Medics 45 results will amaze you