Fiberglass Repairs/Chip Repairs

Fiberglass Bathtub Repair Shower Pan Repair and Refinishing
Fiberglass bathtub repair and refinishing is a cost effective and efficient way to extend the life of any fiberglass bathtub or shower. One piece, two piece and three piece fiberglass fixtures have been a part of new construction home building, as well as bathroom remodeling for many decades.
Generally these fiberglass products hold up very well, characteristics include, long life span, ease of cleaning and low maintenance. These are key factors in the success of fiberglass in the bath fixture arena.
Fiberglass is used in many applications other than bath tubs such as cars, boats and RV’s. In turn, repair of fiberglass is now honed to a fine art if left in the hands of a capable technician. ASAP Quality Repair has a reputation for high quality workmanship.
Fiberglass bath fixtures become damaged in various different ways. Listed below are the most common. All can be effectively repaired, reinforced, and color matched to original manufacture specifications.

  • Chips: White top coat chipped off to reveal fiberglass reinforcement below.
  • Cracks: Fractures in the fixture that require reinforcement and refinishing of area.
  • Multi-fractures: Many cracks in an area that require the repair of a larger area.
  • Holes: In fiberglass tub or shower walls, these can make any fixture look un-repairable.
  • Staining: Bathtub staining can be a small or big job depending on size, and type of stain.
  • Bathtub and shower pan bottom repair and rebuilding: This is by far the most difficult repair job we do. If the bottom of your tub or shower feels weak or squishy, call and talk to our technicians directly

Surface Medics has been repairing chips in porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylic bathtubs in for over 16 years. ASAP has a stellar reputation for high quality workmanship at a surprisingly affordable price.
Bathtubs and sinks made from porcelain are a solid product. Under the porcelain coating lies a steel or cast iron base, onto which the porcelain (ceramic glaze) is fired at 1500 degrees. The same process is used on stove and range tops. Despite their nearly indestructible base however, porcelain tubs and appliances are prone to chipping and scratching.
Why chip repair kits don’t work:
Why not just get a chip repair kit at the hardware store? Chip repair kits are very effective if the results you wish include:

  • Mismatched colors from your porcelain
  • Uneven surfaces – Rough Texture
  • A constant reminder that you had a chip in the first place
  • A less durable finish

With Surface Medics, you can rest assured that your chip repair is done correctly.

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